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Heimgard Apk v2022.10.4  

App Name: Heimgard
2022.10.4 for Android  xapk
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Heimgard MOD Info
The description of Heimgard
Smart home the way a smart home should be.

Full freedom to choose and combine different brands and systems. With uncompromising security all data is completely private and completely secure. Completely safe. Completely open. Just the way a smart home should be.

Keyless access
With a smart electronic door lock can you unlock your front door from anywhere, directly from the Heimgard app. Simple safe and flexible. Let the craftsman in when you are at work. Take a jog without carrying around your keys. Full control in the app whether your door is unlocked or locked.

Security is comfort
Relax and calm down. From the Heimgard app you will have full control over your entire home. At any time, from anywhere. Activate shell protection. Turn on frost protection. Does the roof on the cabin need to be shoveled? Did you remember to lock the door? You can even checkup on your dog when you are not at home.

Magic light and heat control
Use the Heimgard app to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. A warm and cozy setting for your evening dinner party, or a sharper and brighter setup for homework and home office during the day. Activate automatic light control in rooms such as bathrooms, hallways, and storage rooms. Set the temperature or optimize your indoor climate. Your heating devices can even be automatically turned off when ventilating.
Everything done directly from your Heimgard app.

Completely flexible and completely secure. That’s what makes it really smart.
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Heimgard 2022.10.4 Update
Improved connection state manager
Support for rfid and biometric scan for doorlocks
Improved something wen't wrong screen
Improved 'device offline' notification
Minor UI and UX improvements

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Additional Information

Category: House & Home Publisher: Heimgard Technologies AS Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 24/11/2022

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