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Mago WMS Mobile Apk v2.0.0  

App Name: Mago WMS Mobile
2.0.0 for Android
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Mago WMS Mobile MOD Info
Mago WMS Mobile_playmods.net
Mago WMS Mobile_playmods.net
The description of Mago WMS Mobile

With WMS Mobile, you can manage all the logistical aspects of your warehouse.

Loading and unloading of goods, transfer of stocks, inventory, packing and unpacking... all synchronized in real time with your Mago4 ERP.
Thanks to Mago4 WMS Mobile, it only takes a few clicks to perform the goods receipt, its storage, movements, picking, to manage shipment and to do inventory. By reading the barcode of the items, lots, stocks, locations you can keep your warehouse in order and under control.
WMS Mobile transmits the relevant data in real time to the company database via the handheld device.
It also allows you to manage stock transfer, packing and unpacking procedures: an irreplaceable aid to perform any type of operation with maximum speed and precision.
It only takes a few clicks to perform all the operations.
It works exactly like a barcode reader.
The handheld is connected to the company database and constantly updates it.
Even in areas without Wi-Fi coverage: the handheld saves data to update the database subsequently.
- Inventory and stock display
- Goods receipt
- Picking and putaway transfer orders confirmation
- Transfer of items/Storage Units
- Loading/unloading of warehouse goods
- Replenishment
- Packing/Unpacking
- Label printing

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Mago WMS Mobile 2.0.0 Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Productivity Publisher: Zucchetti S.P.A. Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 23/11/2022

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