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WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props Apk v5.04  

App Name: WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props
5.04 for Android
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WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props MOD Info
WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props_playmods.net
WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props_playmods.net
WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props_playmods.net
WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props_playmods.net
WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props_playmods.net
The description of WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props

Bet on sports for free! Bet with friends, bet solo, or find people to wager with! Join prop betting fantasy leagues, predict game scores in sports betting pools, and create custom pick'em leagues. Find It's social sports betting like you would from a bar stool at your local sports bar. Find out why thousands of casual and hardcore bettors trust WagerLab as their #1 app for friendly bets! 🏈 🥇 📺 ⚽️
Bet with friends or gamble for fun against The House! Propose bets, track your winners/losers, manage tabs and balances, and win weekly cash prizes! It’s all 100% free; no credit card required. Get in on the action, network with other bettors, and start betting now.
Over 40 Leagues & Categories NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB (college football), NCAAM (college basketball), NHL, UFC (MMA), EPL (Premiere League Soccer), Champions League, La Liga, MLS & much more! From Super Bowl LVI football to the Masters, US sports to international futbol!
Prop Bets on Fun Social Topics Prop bets on social topics like the Oscars, politics (ex. Odds on the US presidential election), TV shows, stock markets and more!
Multiple Options Pick the spread line, over under, moneyline, or a prop bet.
Bet With Friends 1️⃣ Browse live Vegas odds and make a prediction (ex. 49ers +3 points at Rams) 2️⃣ Propose your bet to a friend with an amount (ex. William Hill gets Rams -3 & you get 49ers +3 for 5 “units”) 3️⃣ When you bet friends, they must accept your wager for that duel to become active 4️⃣ Once the game/event ends, we tally the score and update your balance (ex. 49ers beat the Rams by a score of 4. You’re the winner. You’re now up 5 units against William Hill). You can agree to settle up and reset the tally to 0 at any time.
Winners Earn Free Cash The weekly money challenge lets you earn tickets and spend them for a chance to be the winner of several weekly cash prizes through a lottery.
Zero Juice Unlike the casino or bookie, there is no vig or juice when gambling on WagerLab. Sports betting in 2020 should be cheap. We won’t take one bite out of your balance ever! Simple to Use We make it easy for beginners to wager. Browse simple betting odds. For example NFL odds may read “Raiders +6 points vs Ravens” or “Ravens to Win vs Raiders”.
Champion Your Sports Predictions Whether you’re a fan of football or social betting, CFB or UFC, Politics or the Oscars. Or whether you predicted the Houston Texans or the San Francisco 49ers, the over or the under, the Las Vegas Raiders or the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Clippers or the Boston Celtics. Gamble on WagerLab without risking a dime (or 5 dimes or more)!
Bet Online Any Time Unlike regular sportsbooks (like betonline, bovada, bet365, fanduel or draftkings), WagerLab is open 247 so you can bet online without having to hudl up with friends at a bar to bet socially/casually.
Questions? Email [email protected] for a quick response!
WagerLab does not allow any real-money gambling and is for entertainment & social gambling & wagering only. All bets on WagerLab are for-fun and the bet tracker only tracks fake money "units" which carry zero monetary value. You (and your peer) can settle your balance/tally any time. WagerLab allows you to acquire "Tickets" which can be submitted to weekly cash prize drawings. However, these Tickets carry no real money value and are not redeemable for cash. Please read the WagerLab Terms and WagerLab Sweepstakes Rules for more info.
Don’t limit your betting to the bar stool at the sports bar. For a free 247 sports betting action network of bettors where you can bet online for free, download WagerLab - the #1 app for friendly bets! 🔥 📲

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WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props 5.04 Update
Added pool chat. Talk some smack to your friends!
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Category: Sports Publisher: WagerLab - The Friendly Sports Betting App Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 24/11/2022

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