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DigitRx e-prescribing tool‏ MOD Info
DigitRx e-prescribing tool‏_playmods.net
DigitRx e-prescribing tool‏_playmods.net
DigitRx e-prescribing tool‏_playmods.net
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DigitRx is a mobile e-prescribing app for faster, on-the-go prescribing in minutes. In clinics all day, or on-the-go, there is no need to wait to find the time to order your products, the time is now. DigitRx provides a free easy-to-use service for healthcare professionals to ensure you get the rapid, reliable, responsive experience everyone deserves.

With the success of DigitRx online, the app intends to break barriers in innovation and customer experience to provide a secure and user-friendly prescribing experience.

So how do I really use this app?

- In order to use the app, you must have a DigitRx account

- Please note: this service is for prescribing healthcare professionals only, including but not limited to doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists prescribers.

How do I create a DigitRx account? If you already have one that’s great, you can go on and skip this step!

- Go to https://www.churchpharmacy.co.uk/CustomerRegistration.aspx and follow the simple steps.

- Our verification team will check all your details and contact you when your account is ready to use

- yes, it’s really that easy!

I have a DigitRx account!

- All you have to do now is open the app and click sign in

- Once signed in you will have the option to create a Prescription, Signed Order or Stock Order.

- Follow the steps to choose when you want your goods

- Use our secure portal to make online payments

- And receive your products, it’s really that easy!

Still don’t believe how easy it is? Try it for yourself!
—— مرفوع من قبل المستخدم

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DigitRx e-prescribing tool‏ 1.1.43 تحديث
Bug Fixes

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