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WARNING: In this game about social interaction turns usually take A DAY OR MORE - not your average quick video game!

This is a digital version of the famous "Diplomatic" board game.

It pits players against each other on a political stage where only a combination of strategy and social influence bring you victory. A mix of Risk, Poker, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors, it was supposedly the favourite game of John Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.

We create and maintain this game in our spare time. If you have
- Problems, questions or comments
- Ideas or other suggestions.
- Topics to discuss with other players.

send them to [email protected]

* Bring your diplomacy. Without diplomacy victory is impossible. It's the name of the game.
* Access from both Android or any other device (via www.diplicity.com) - play with your iOS friends!
* Beautiful, vector based maps with zooming, panning and touch to enter orders.
* Unlimited games with your friends or random players around the world.
* Order validation explaining why orders fail or not
* Message other players in the game.
* Variants: Fleet Rome, Ancient Mediterranean, Youngstown Redux and more!
* Create and configure your own games and invite your friends.
* Matchmaking: Filter on players on your skill or reliability level.
* Notifications for messages and new phases.
* History of all games to check the performance of friend and foe alike.

* Diplicity is based on a well known board game created by Calhamer, also based on diplomacy, which I am forbidden from explicitly naming in the Play store.
* If nobody commits in time or knows the rules make sure that you still commit your orders every turn. By building a good reliability score you'll be able to matchmake with more reliable players.
* Joining a game is serious. Players that abandons a game ruin it for the others. Please only join if you'll follow it through to the end.

We welcome positive and negative feedback and try to improve.

If you have a negative comment, please make it possible for us to reach you and get enough information about what to improve or fix. Or even better, send an e-mail to [email protected] If you care enough to write a review, why not let us fix the problem?

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Diplicity 851846f Actualizar
2116: New web hosting. 2110: Future proofing. 2108: Fixed bug where it's difficult to get back from Menu -> Chat to the main app. 2094: Corrected notification phrasing. 2090: More backwards compatible. 2088: Android 5 compatibility fix. 2086: Notification bug fix. 2084: Map download and notification improvements. 2080: Internal improvements. 2079: Testing performance improvements. 2077: Better beta vs prod separation. 1034: Notification fixes. 1032: Better map download handling. 1031: Bug fixes.

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