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Broken Universe Mod Apk v0.11.8  

App Name: Broken Universe
0.11.8 for Android
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Broken Universe MOD Info
Broken Universe_playmods.net
Broken Universe_playmods.net
Broken Universe_playmods.net
Broken Universe_playmods.net
The description of Broken Universe
The unique strategic defense game is on the stage! Please build a barrier to block the road, or build a maze to resist the attack of monsters! According to your strategy, the colorful levels will change accordingly.

■ strategic tower defense game
Please launch your own exclusive strategy and win the battle in the defense game with a new playing method! You can play games according to your ideas and preferences. Starting from the choice of landing site, you can play freely according to your own interests!

■ unique play
Players can implement the strategy of blocking the road with barriers and resisting the attack behind them, or let monsters go around the long way and use long-range attacks to eliminate monsters. On this basis, make use of the unique defense towers and barriers to achieve their own rich and colorful playing methods and challenges! It is a desirable strategy to make monsters inaccessible with powerful repulsion, or to disturb the order of monsters so that they can't move normally, or to focus on defense and recovery and establish an unbreakable defense line. It's also a good choice to use powerful range attacks to outwit the monsters gathered together, or use long-range shooting to kill monsters one by one!

■ diversified content
* colorful planets
* upgrading and technology
* various modules and fusion towers
* strong skills and efficient props
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Broken Universe 0.11.8 Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Casual Publisher: WHWL Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: 05/01/2022

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