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Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money)

2.4.2a for Android
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Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money) MOD Info
Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money) MOD Info MOD Info :
Much money
A lot of money, cases, capsules and keys
Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money)_playmods.net
Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money)_playmods.net
Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money)_playmods.net
The description of Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money)
Anniversary update edition!What's new? We have added MULTIPLE CASE opening, online realtime coinflips, new casino minigame - ♣ Tower ♣, weapon equipping system, new ranks and much more!Case Clicker is a combination of the CS case simulator with a clicker.In the game you click, open cases, play minigames, trade with friend and more!Main game features?► Over 300 upgrades are waiting to unlock► Over 1000 obtainable skins!► Over 1300 obtainable stickers!► Almost 80 obtainable collectible pins and gloves► Custom Case creator - create your custom cases and share them with other players!► Trading system - trade with other players!► Match betting system - bet you virtual items on the real eSport matches!► Name Tags - name your own skin!► Item upgrader - don't like your item? Take a risk and try to upgrade it to a better item!And that's not everything in our case opener game!Gambling minigames? Sure!♣ Roulette♣ Mines!♣ Coinflip♣ Jackpots♣ Crash - are you fast enough to get your skin before the price crashes?♣ Tower - go up until you reach the top of the tower to get the grand prize!♣ Online Jackpots!♣ Online Coinflips - play versus your friend or other players!♣ Scratches - try your luck in one of 4 different scratches!What also can be found?► Arm deal contracts, just like in real CS!► Over 200 achievements► Rank and private rank system, from silver to global elite and even further!► Mission system - do up to 3 missions at once and receive rewards!► Souvenir system - collect souvenir items!► Capsules with stickers and collectible pins► Ability to sell skins for real market prices!And much more - we are constantly updating the game, so you can always expect something new!Download the game and try by yourself!
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Case Clicker 2 (Unlimited money) 2.4.2a Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Simulation Publisher: WHWL Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 08/08/2022

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