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Logging Quest 2 mod

1.3.13 for Android

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The description of Logging Quest 2 mod
Important note from the translator :First of all, sorry for the wait.Due to a lack of free time on my part since June, the translation went nearly to a halt. While I still plan on releasing a complete version, I have no idea when it will be.In order to respond to popular demand, I made an agreement with the developer : The current translation has been nearly complete for some time and will now be released in its current state.For the parts still in japanese, the developer translated them himself for the time being. It will obviously have errors here and there but it should at least provide the overall meaning in english for those who don't want to miss anything.The missing parts are events in the adventure log for the quests (but goals and descriptions are done) and the descriptions in the monster log (but names and abilities are done).All missing parts that were translated by the developer will be shown between { }.In the meantime, please enjoy the current version of Logging Quest 2, report typos if you can (except for the sentences between { } of course) and don't forget to spread the word!--------------------"The ultimate quest you don't actually have to do." - Android AuthorityThis game is an automatic adventure RPG (Idle RPG). It is the sequel to "Logging Quest".Assemble a party of up to 3 characters, change their equipment in town, define their skills and send them in a dungeon. They will progress automatically, you just have to sit back and watch as they gain experience and grow.Notes from the developer:- Please read "Getting Started" at first. http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-en/how-to-play-en- You can play this game even if you did not play Logging Quest 1.- For Android 2.1/2.2 Users: Please refer to this page.  http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-en/for-21-22For quick tips about how to play, check the "Help" section from the "Other" button. For detailed instructions about how to play, visit the following link (also accessible from the "Other"->"About this app" section from the "Other" button) :http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-enTo report errors, share your opinions or request a feature, please use the comments of the blog :http://shirobakama.blogspot.jp/【Story】 In a time when monsters inhabited forests and lakes near towns, humans, elves and dwarves coexisted peacefully. In this era, people often grew up and died in the same town, never leaving its walls. Only a few believed in their own talent and went on a journey in search of wealth and fame. They made a living from exploring labyrinths and ruins scattered throughout the land and often settled problems in nearby villages at the same time. People living in the security of towns admired them since they helped reduce restlessness. They were called adventurers. This is the story of the youths from small villages across the country who decided to become adventurers…【Application permissions】"Network communications" to display advertisements and confirm time."Hardware control" to enable the notifications."Storage access" to enable data backup.【About this app】Application icon and game illustrations come from "Tyouen Kusanagi"http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1526497For the various materials used in this app, please visit the following link :http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2/about_appThank you to everyone who helped with their wonderful materials.【Special thanks】Everyone who comments on the blogEveryone from the Logging Quest Strategy-Chat thread of the Smartphone board at 2ch.FurryRage for the english translation, please send a mail to [email protected] if you have any remark about the translation.The idea of automatic adventure was found in the "Whipper" application. Thanks for this interesting game.

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Logging Quest 2 mod 1.3.13 Update
Bug Fixed.

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Additional Information

Category: Role Playing Publisher: shirobakama724 Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 24/05/2020

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