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Minecraft(Mod Menu)

Minecraft Mod Apk v1.19.41.01  (Mod Menu)

App Name: Minecraft for Android
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Minecraft MOD Info
Minecraft MOD Info MOD Info :
Mod Menu:
characters can't die

Open the permission of the floating window, the first time you enter it will flash back, and you can enter the game normally after restarting the game.
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The description of Minecraft Mod Menu

Minecraft Mod Apk is one of the most famous 3D sandbox games developed by Mojang Games. One of the most epic things you'll love about this game is the creative mode with access to unlimited resources. The developers have done a great job on every aspect of the Minecraft Mod Apk game be it graphics, music or gameplay.

Free Download

Minecraft requires a paid purchase on many platforms to play. Fortunately, PlayMods has prepared a free cracked version for players: Minecraft Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Mod Information

In this cracked version, the player cannot die. Players will not be injured whether they are attacked by monsters or fall into traps. In this way, players can have a better gaming experience.

How to Play Minecraft Mod Apk

The gameplay of Minecraft Mod Apk is to let players complete different tasks and make a path for a long adventure journey. Construct caves, cliffs and rooftops, making the player the ultimate builder of the game. The game can be designed your way, mine copper and all the necessary resources to build the buildings of your dreams. Mine different minerals and many resources, all of which will make Hughes beneficial to you in survival mode. Mines and resources are needed for various purposes, but they are effective in crafting weapons and armor to attack and defend against dangerous enemies. Players can also learn about and experience different biome conditions such as aquatic, grassland, forest, desert, and tundra.

Minecraft Mod Apk Key Features

1. Find resources that will guarantee your survival

2. Explore the endless world and build anything you like

3. Two game modes: Creation and Survival

4. Lots of skins and mods.

If you want to experience some very interesting mods for Minecraft, you can download Minecraft Mod Apk (Mods inside) to experience it.

Search playmods for more mod games.

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Additional Information

Category: Sandbox Publisher: Mojang Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: 26/11/2022

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Minecraft Mod Apk v1.19.60.22 Update 15 New Funny Mods
Still looking for interesting mods for Minecraft? Playmods updated 15 new mods for players today, click the link to download: Minecraft Mod Apk v1.19.60.22

Next, I will introduce 5 popular mods among them in detail.

Nico's Mobs (compatible with other mods)

This mod will add new mobs that can naturally spawn into your world. Each creature has different abilities and unique loot. Some creatures can be tamed, while others are very dangerous. The design of the creatures matches the style of the Minecraft Mod Apk. Nico's Mobs is designed to make the game more exciting and challenging. Besides the new mobs, this mod also adds some new blocks and items.

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Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture is a decoration plugin for survival world and creative games. The addon brings over 430 color-changing furniture and more! This addon is about a series of modern furniture to furnish your home, the aim of this addon is not so modern (without parameters such as complex electronics or mechanics breaking the game) or want to fill your house with polygons, it's all simple and beautiful end. It's mostly obtained by putting clay balls into stone cutters, and definitely all furniture.

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Zombies Skin Pack (It has the Zombie Attack Animations)

This skin pack includes some zombie skins and their animations. This skin pack uses better graphics than the zombies in the skin pack of Minecraft Mod Apk. When you hit any block, place, interact, or hit a player or entity, the skin will perform the zombie attack animation.

* This skin pack does not require any resource packs, you can use it without modifying the game of this skin pack

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Below are all the skins for this mod.

1. Zombie

2. Husk

3. Drowned

4. Zombie Pigman

5. Slamacow Zombie

6. Zombie C

7. Steve (It is not a zombie, but he is in the skin pack in case you want to replace the skin with yours)

8. Alex (It is not a zombie, but he is in the skin pack in case you want to replace the skin with yours)

9. Alexbrine

10. Herobrine-Added herobrine

Combat Plus V.2 | [Bow & Crossbow!]

This resource pack is inspired by the Toolbelt mod, which gives the player a belt, a sword on the side of the player, a bow behind the player, quivers, shields, and other extra accessories.

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Weapons+ Addon || CRPG

Added 15+ shooting tools, 15+ custom sound effects, 30+ custom weapons, and custom animations in this plugin. The details of this mod are as follows.

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

1. New type of combat

2. Custom weapons

3. Strong shooter

4. Custom Particles

5. Custom animation

6. All weapons can be crafted

7. Suitable for multiplayer games

PlayMods also recently updated players with a new mod for a 2D sandbox game very similar to Minecraft. If you are interested, you can click the link to download: Terraria Mod Apk (Mods inside)

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How to Create a Beautiful Kitchen in Minecraft - playmods.net
How to Create a Beautiful Kitchen in Minecraft

The kitchen is where we cook and eat. It is a special functional area in the house. So, if in minecraft MOD APK, how do we build a kitchen? Are there any ideas and tips for creating a kitchen?

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There are many styles of minecraft kitchens on the Internet, but these kitchens only show you a finished work, without telling you how the overall decoration of these kitchens is designed and how the furniture is made. So we found a video showing you every part and furniture of making a Minecraft kitchen. You can slow down the playback speed and learn along with it.

minecraft kitchen stove

A stove and a chimney are required to make a cooktop. First dig a block into the ground to place the fire, then use a smoker to get the smoke out of the stove. The cooker hood is made with a hopper, and then a long chimney pipe is used to discharge the waste to the outside. Add a side door to your cooktop and it doubles as an oven!

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minecraft kitchen refrigerator

The refrigerator is the hardest piece of furniture to craft in the entire Minecraft MOD APK kitchen. Because its function is to drop the food when you press the button. We need to bury redstone traps in the ground or in the walls, and make sure the refrigerator looks good and looks like what it is. You can refer to the redstone circuit that YOUTUBER installed in this video, or you can make a better and more flexible circuit yourself.

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minecraft kitchen sink

A complete kitchen cannot be without a sink, because we need to wash dishes and vegetables in it. It is not difficult to make a pool in minecraft MOD APK. Just use half of the stone to make the shape of the pool, and then install the part like a faucet.

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minecraft kitchen table

Although for some families, the dining room and kitchen are separate, that is, the dining table is not placed in the kitchen. But due to the limited space, what we are going to learn today is the table set in the kitchen. It can be said that the creativity of this dining table is the biggest highlight of this video. This is a fish tank dining table, it is made entirely of glass. One can appreciate the fish and aquatic plants in the water while eating. Do you like this creative idea? You can also make a fish tank table in minecraft MOD APK.

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More details are in www.playmods.net

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

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Minecraft rejects NFTs and blockchain technology for a safe and inclusive gaming experience - playmods.net
Minecraft rejects NFTs and blockchain technology for a safe and inclusive gaming experience

Mojang Studios announced that "Minecraft" will draw a line from NFT and blockchain technology, showing a firm position to protect the game's values and players' interests.

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

What is NFT and Blockchain Technology?

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a non-fungible token, is the only cryptocurrency token used to represent digital assets. NFTs can be bought and sold, just like tangible assets. A blockchain is a chain composed of one block after another. Each block stores a certain amount of information, and they are connected into a chain according to the time sequence of their generation. This chain is stored in all servers, and as long as one server in the entire system can work, the entire blockchain is secure. These servers are called nodes in the blockchain system, and they provide storage space and computing power support for the entire blockchain system.

Therefore, NFT and blockchain technology are not completely negative things in a simple sense, they have their own functions and advantages. This is why some people propose to integrate NFT and blockchain technology into Minecraft. However, the core reason why Mojang Studios rejected these two technologies is "value discord": that is, "Minecraft" essentially emphasizes the co-play of creativity and inclusiveness, while the use of NFT and other blockchain technologies is based on Scarcity and exclusion create digital ownership.

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

To ensure a safe and inclusive gaming experience for players

"Minecraft" official statement: "NFT does not accommodate all our communities, but creates a scene of rich and poor. The speculative pricing and investment mentality around NFT diverts attention from playing games and encourages Profiteering, we believe this is not in line with the long-term happiness and success of our players.” This intolerant and wealth-gap-making nature eventually led Mojang Studios to decisively reject NFTs and blockchains.

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But in addition, Mojang Studios also considers that there are also problems with the reliability of third-party NFTs, which may cost players who buy these NFTs; because some managers behind third-party NFTs may suddenly Disappeared, and in the past, there were also problems such as artificial methods or even fraudulent methods to drive up prices in the relevant market.

Therefore, after comprehensive and careful consideration, in order to ensure that players have a safe and inclusive game experience, Minecraft will not allow NFT and blockchain technology to be added to the game client and server applications.

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Highrise Mod Apk Download & Guide - playmods.net
Highrise Mod Apk Download & Guide
Highrise Mod Apk is a virtual world available on Android and iOS devices that allows you to create an avatar, chat with people all over the world, dress up your avatar, decorate their room, play games and enter competitions, and much more.

Purchasing in-game clothing and furniture on Highrise to dress and decorate their rooms requires the use of in-game currencies: bubbles and gold. Earning bubbles and gold is not that simple, so this article will tell players how to earn gold and bubbles in high-rise buildings without spending any money.

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Free Download

If you haven't found how to download this game, then you can click the download link provided by PlayMods to download this popular game: Highrise Mod Apk

What are Bubbles and what are they used for

The main currency in Highrise Mod APK is called Bubbles. Bubbles can be used to buy clothes, furniture, and personal furniture items. Most furniture items start as low as 10-15 bubbles, while the average item costs between 100-200 bubbles. However, some furniture can cost as much as 1000 bubbles. Clothes are priced between 100-2000 bubbles per item. Most clothes cost an average of 250 bubbles.

What is Gold and what is it used for

Gold is the more advanced currency in the game. While you can earn bubbles for free by playing the game, gold is rarely given away for free and can only be purchased with real money or by completing promotions. Gold is used for most clothing, and high-level items. And players can only use gold to trade items with other players. Players can convert gold into bubbles, but not bubbles into gold.

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How to Earn Bubbles

There are many ways to earn bubbles in Highrise, and I'll list a few ways to earn them next.

Daily Login

Every day you log into the game, you will be rewarded. Sometimes the reward will be an item, but other times the reward will be a small number of bubbles (anywhere between 100-250 bubbles).

Spin the Bonus Wheel

There is also a bonus wheel that resets twice a day. The bonus wheel is random, but usually a small number of bubbles (usually between 100-250 bubbles).

Sell Unwanted Items

The game doesn't make this terribly obvious, but if you go into the Highrise Welcome Plaza, there's an NPC in the bottom left corner of the room that will buy you unwanted or duplicate items. NPCs won't give you many bubbles for your items, but it's better than them sitting around collecting dust. NPCs will buy back clothing or furniture, whether purchased with bubbles or gold, but will only pay you with bubbles.

Complete Daily Goal

Each day, you'll have a checklist of three goals that need to be completed to earn bubbles. Each objective rewards 100 bubbles, and if you complete all three objectives, you will get an additional 200 bubbles.

Participate in Activities

Highrise hosts different limited-time events almost every week, and participating in these events is a very easy way to accumulate bubbles. Just by participating in events (all have different themes/goals, but usually just let you go into a room and click on an NPC character to complete any event goal, or sometimes vote for the best look entered by other players), you can boost your ranking by To get bubbles, at the end of the event, if your activity participation reaches the ranking, you can also get an extra number of bubbles.

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

How to Earn Gold

You can get a lot of gold for free in Highrise by completing the tasks below, and I will list the methods for you to earn gold next.

Fill Research Form

If you tap the plus button next to the bubble in the upper right corner of the screen or tap "Cash" in the shop menu, you'll be taken to the option to get more gold. If you scroll all the way down, you'll find options to complete the survey via TapJoy or Iron Source. Surveys usually take 3-10 minutes to complete and are rewarded with a certain amount of gold once you've fully completed them.

Watch Ads

You can also watch 30-second ads to earn gold. Watching an ad only rewards 2 gold, but if you don't mind, you can earn 20 gold a day for watching 10 ads a day.

If you like this simulation game, then the following popular games must also be suitable for you.

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Toca Life World Mod Apk (Mod menu)

YoYa Busy Life World Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Search playmods for more mod games: www.playmods.net

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Minecraft(God Mode)
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Minecraft darkroom mods(new mods)
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Minecraft PE(Jenny mod 18+)
Minecraft PE Jenny mod 18+
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Module usage tutorial:
1. Enter the game interface and click "Game", then click "New" - "Create New World", and enable "Experimental Game" in the settings;
2. Enter the Create New World interface, in the lower left corner - Add-ons - click "Resource Pack", "Behavior Pack", on the right "Owned" JennyModRes - "Activate" the resource pack and the behavior pack respectively; (If the module does not take effect, Please repeat steps 1 and 2)
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