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Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)

1.1.5 for Android
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Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod) MOD Info
Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod) MOD Info MOD Info :
Inexhaustible silver coins.
To purchase in the store, you need to press and hold the purchase button.
Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)_playmods.net
Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)_playmods.net
Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)_playmods.net
Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)_playmods.net
The description of Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod)
Meet interesting puzzles and adventures of Dasha in the colorful world of her dreams. Immerse yourself in exciting levels and entertaining logic games.
Collect stars and coins on many levels in colorful logic games for kids and the whole family. Use the accumulated stars to open new Worlds with other, more difficult puzzles and riddles.
Pick up items, open chests, find hidden objects, use ladders to overcome obstacles and go to the next level to new puzzles.
Use levers to activate platforms, move boxes to bypass traps in this adventure and game of logic and ingenuity. Change Dasha's appearance by buying her beautiful costumes and various backpacks.
Play logic games, enjoy pleasant music, think over riddles and solve mind tasks!
● More than 100+ colorful levels of varying difficulty
● Simple and intuitive controls for solving puzzles
● Beautiful graphics, nice music and sounds
● Changeable costumes and backpacks
● Smart games and adventures for the whole family
● Hints on many levels with challenging tasks
● Puzzle games free for adults and children
"Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again" – prepare yourself for mind games with Dasha in this colorful, smart platforming game, where you have to find your way out of the level. Move the Heroine through many levels, pass obstacles and tests for logic and ingenuity.
Play puzzles for free, solve problems and have a good time for your mind.
These are adventure games, as well as arcades and, of course, logic games. Therefore, they will appeal to all fans of interesting games and adventures. A variety of puzzles and pleasant music will not let you get bored!
Test your wits and mind. Labyrinths with riddles are waiting for your passage and interesting solutions.
Don't forget to use the hints, explore the map completely and don't be afraid to experiment with these logic games.
Mind puzzles for adults and interesting children's logic games without the Internet await! Play with the whole family!
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Sleepy Adventure - Hard Level Again (mod) 1.1.5 Update
Bug Fix。

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Additional Information

Category: Adventure Publisher: N/A Studio Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: 17/06/2021

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