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App Name: Fantaclub
1.0.54 for Android
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Fantaclub MOD Info
The description of Fantaclub
Since 2001 Fantaclub is the professional service for the management of online fantasy championships. Create your league for FREE and play with your friends.

Discover the reasons to choose fantaclub:

- LIVE results and standings. Follow the progress of your team live with LIVE votes, in collaboration with FantaPiu3. Scoring estimates include modifiers and players not yet on the pitch. Not only that, you can follow the Calendars and Rankings updated in real time.

- Live Auction. Thanks to our VIVO live auction system you can run the auction for your online league like the private auction between friends! Raise, fold and challenge your opponents. You can activate the automatic auctioneer or run auctions on direct call with or without shifts.

- LIVE delivery. In modern football, matches are spread over several days. Live delivery allows you to change your line-up after matches have started but without being able to replace players who have already taken the field.

- Manager role: play the manager role! You can choose and add your favorite coaches to your team's roster using the available credits.

- Clan: clans are groups of teams that can challenge each other in competitions, the clan score is the average of the scores of the component teams.

- Custom Votes. Choose from many voting sources: fantaclub + 3 editorial staff, milan, rome, turin. You can create the tailor-made voting source for your league by combining them, choose which ones to include and the weight of each in the average calculation.

- Customize roles and quotes. You can change the roles and odds of the players to adapt the list to your preferences.

- Assistant Coach. Manage your team with a friend. The deputy can only take care of the delivery, only the market or both.

- Management of game minutes. Are you tired of seeing players who take without a vote and others receive it by playing less minutes? For each editorial office it is possible to choose the minutes of play and the office vote to be assigned.

- Play with the Champions League and Serie B. Do you want to give an international edge to your league? You can create Champions League-based leagues and experience all the excitement of Europe's most coveted competition. Also available is the hybrid mode that combines Serie A and Serie B, for a choice of champions never seen before!

- Modules with attacking midfielder. In the game mode with the attacking midfielder many new modules and tactics available: 3412, 4312, etc ... Over 20 new tactical modules. Each module can be activated individually to create your own game format.

- Advanced market options. Auctions with closed envelopes with ballots are available. Are you a large group? There are separate auctions per group or auctions with multiple assignments where each player is assigned to the N best bids. For leagues with quotes: top player lists, maximum number of teams a player can belong to and maximum number of players of a single pink soccer team.

- Skills and capital gains index. Find out in the results the maximum and minimum score that your training could have obtained. The ranking of capital gains adds up the current value of each player in the squad by rewarding forward-thinking teams.

- Lots of game competitions. Cup / play off competitions, group tournaments, partial rankings. Experience the Survivor game mode where you take out the worst team every week. Formula 1 game mode is also available.

To report bugs or problems, write to the SUPPORT section of the site for a quick solution. Use reviews only to indicate your level of satisfaction.

Have fun with Fantaclub!
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Fantaclub 1.0.54 Update
Arriva Fanta Coppa del Mondo, il fanta sui mondiali di calcio!

Scarica l'app e crea la tua lega per giocare con i tuoi amici e vivere tutte le emozioni del campionato mondiale di calcio.

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Additional Information

Category: Sports Publisher: Marco Alessandretti Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 25/11/2022

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Saiko Dies (Normal/Hard Mode)

In this ending, we see Akira desperately trying to open the glass door of the school's main entrance while Saiko chases him. He can get out, and locks the door from the outside to prevent Saiko from chasing him, and closes the door with his hand. In desperation, Caizi knocked on the glass door and rudely asked Akira to open the door. He ignored her, and Ayako pushed the knife through the glass door, aiming it at Akira's face. He managed to dodge her attack, but it made him let go of the door. Saiko smiles directly at him, telling him that she finally caught up to him and tried to get out by punching and kicking the door, causing part of the door to shatter and create a hole through which her body could pass. She started doing this, brandishing her knife all the time. However, she ignored the jagged shards of glass on the door and accidentally tripped while walking through it, being impaled by the lower half of the glass. She immediately started bleeding. In desperation, she tried to pull herself up, but she had lost so much blood that she could barely move. Saiko gasped as Akira stared at him in shock. She slowly begins to lose her eyesight and reaches out to Akira, asking for help. Completely stunned by the situation, Akira ran away as fast as she could, leaving Caizi to die in broad daylight. She cried out for help with her last breath and died, dropping the knife to the ground.

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Inevitable (Yangire Mode)

In this ending, Akira runs towards the open gate. He paused for a moment, looking around to see if Xizi was nearby. Immediately afterward, Ayako Hinari, who possessed superhuman strength, jumped out and smashed the window of the gate without any effort. Holding a blood-stained machete, she lunged at Akira in the air. She pressed him to the ground, sat on his chest, and held him down, ready to stab him with a machete. Akira begged her to stop, which seemed to affect her because she missed it on purpose. She looked into his face, trying to make sure Akira was okay, but he pushed her away and ran away. Ayako just smiled, as if she knew Akira would react this way. Akira continued to run, and he decided to look back to see if Ayako was chasing him, only to find that Ayako was gone. Nervous, he turned and continued running until a normal-looking Saiko appeared outside the school gate, staring at him. Exhausted, Akira quickly hugs her and apologizes (his apology to her is vague, but some speculate it's because they broke up). Saiko seemed a little surprised and hugged him back; however, it showed that she was still the sinister-looking Saiko in Yangire mode, and Akira knew nothing about it.

Unhappy Ending (Extreme Yangire Mode)

In this ending, Akira defeats Elissu in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Elissu stood in front of the gate, holding the key to the lock. She jokingly shows it off to Akira. Still, he managed to snatch the key from Elissu quickly. She looked shocked and impressed at first, but then she laughed maniacally. She stepped back willingly, letting Akira go, with a sarcastic look on her face. Akira looked at the door and Elissu, making sure it was indeed secure, then moved closer to the door and tried to open it. Turning around while doing it to see if Elissu was trying to kill him from behind, but in reality, she was walking away from him. He managed to open the door and escape. The farther away, the bunny puppet of Caizi can be seen in the distance. Before he got close, Aki was hit on the head by an unknown object, causing Aki to fall to the ground. As his vision begins to darken, Akira sees what appears to be Saiko on top of the school building. She threw the machete in his direction, then jumped off, landing beside him. When Akira lost consciousness, she began to pick up the machete. In the background, Saiko speaks to him in a demonic voice that "there will be no happy endings" and tells him that he is in an "eternal loop" where he is doomed to be killed by Saiko and Elissu, again and again, no matter who he is No matter what you do, you can't escape. It switches to where Saiko and Elissu are having a tea party. It was revealed that they had severed off Akira's hands and legs and replaced them with parts of Saiko's toy bunny. As Elissu and Saiko drink tea together, Saiko strokes Akira's decapitated head (merged with the doll) as his remaining body parts and the rabbit's head are shown in the background.

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Shinji Beheaded (Yandere Mode)

This ending depicts Shinji's point of view after being drugged while being tied to a bed in the infirmary with rope. He tried to escape but to no avail. Soon, he heard the sound of the door opening, turned around, and saw Xizi walking in slowly. Terrified, he tried desperately to escape, but when he turned around, he found that Caizi had disappeared. Then, however, she rose slowly from behind the headboard of his bed. When he begged her for mercy, she approached him, then suddenly chopped off his head.

Akira's Beheading 1 (Normal/Hardmode)

This ending depicts Akira's point of view after being kidnapped again while being roped into a chair and having her mouth taped. He slowly came back to his senses but saw Zhaizi in front of him. After realizing he's trapped in the principal's office (where he was originally tied in the game), he tries to break free. Saiko sees it, and she asks Akira why he refuses to wait for her in the principal's office after she wants to get rid of "someone", and she's disappointed that he didn't follow orders. In an instant, Saiko quickly turned around and decapitated Akira with a knife, the chair and himself were covered in blood. The POV shifts to Akira's head lying on the floor, showing his legs twitching. Caizi smiled evilly and looked directly at Jing's severed head.

Akira's Beheading 2 (Yangire Mode)

Akira came to his senses, only to find that he was caught and tied up by Yang Lie Caizi again. Ayako leans towards him, telling him that she has realized that Akira is trying to escape her. She joked that she would let him go but promptly beheaded him. His blood soaked her skin when she threw his body out the window of the headmaster's office, leaving a headless Akira with bloodshot eyes and a subdued expression as blood flowed from his down neck.

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Dancing (Extreme Yangire Mode)

After Elissu challenges Akira to a game of rock-paper-scissors, he wins and leaves, loses and stays, and he loses the game. Elissu laughed wildly, and Akira turned to see Saiko sitting on the principal's desk, laughing at his idea of running away. The door slammed shut and Elissu locked it as Akira staggered back. Elissu suddenly draws his ax and lunges at Akira to kill him, but he grabs her by the shoulder to stop her from doing so. Elissu then pushed him onto Saiko, who hit him with a machete on top of his head. This caused him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. They just stared at him and asked him to rest. The sound of dismemberment and cutting can be heard in the background, and when he wakes up, both Saiko and Elissu are working on his leg. They all looked at Akira, then at each other, and laughed. Suddenly, Saiko let go of Akira's lower body and Elissu pulled it away from him, leaving a trail of blood. Elissu swings his legs violently as he leaves the principal's office, presumably dancing with them, and Saiko joins in, joking that she's sorry for hurting him, before laughing maniacally.

Akira Leaves (Normal/Hard Mode)

In this ending, we see Saiko (with normal eyes) standing at the entrance, teasing Akira with the key. Akira tried several times to take the keys, then forcibly took them away from her. Saiko flew into a rage and (with Yangire's eyes) started strangling Akira. He can't resist her, but at some point, memories of his kindness toward her overwhelm Saiko, and she lets him go. Kneeling, she began to apologize to him. Akira seized this opportunity, opened the door, and ran out into the street. However, he decides to turn around and sees that Ayako has stood up and is now looking at him sadly. The knife fell from her hand. Akira hesitated but decided to run away anyway. Saiko was still standing at the door, reaching out to him and saying "Senior", presumably begging him not to leave.

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Subway Surfers Mod Apk v3.5.0 Subway City X-Mas Events! - playmods.net
Subway Surfers Mod Apk v3.5.0 Subway City X-Mas Events!

Subway Surfers Mod Apk v3.5.0 - Christmas Night in Subway City will be the next update of Subway Surfers.

This is the fourth and final nightly-themed update for 2022. As seen in the trailer, the tracks have different reflections. The Delorean Park portion of the map is black. This mix has sleigh bells and a triangle sound effect. The teaser shows that the banner has a sunrise view. This time the guard and his dog get a new snow beast costume after their previous Christmas costumes were Santa Claus and Rudolph.

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This update will also bring new events: Collect All Elves and Tag Time Attack Events. I will analyze the specific gameplay for you as soon as the game is updated.

How to use PlayMods App to Install Subway Surfers Mod Apk 3.5.0

1. Open the PlayMods App, click the magnifying glass icon, enter Subway Surfers in the search box, or find Subway Surfers in the popular games below.

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2. Click to download the cracked version you want.

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PlayMods will update you with more specific gameplay and strategies as soon as the game is launched, please continue to pay attention to PlayMods.

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Genshin Impact Mod Apk v3.3 Update New Characters - playmods.net
Genshin Impact Mod Apk v3.3 Update New Characters

Genshin Impact Mod Apk v3.3 released a lot of new content about two new characters Wanderer and Faruzan. The Genshin account shared many details about the new characters Wanderer and Faruzan on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Next, let us take a look at the relevant information about these two newly launched characters.


Wanderer, formerly codenamed Scaramouche, is a new Anemo character added to Genshin Impact. The identities of The puppet, the Kabukimono, the Scaramouche, and the Balladeer no longer bind Wanderer, and Wanderer has completely shed them. Wanderer now wanders around Teyvat with no home, relatives, or destination. Players can change Wanderer's name, but with certain restrictions. The name given will be reflected in some game interfaces. If the player is unhappy with the name given in the quest, they can use the item An Appellative Stroke to rename the Wanderer, but can only do this once.

Normal Attack

Makeup to 3 attacks with Wind Blades, dealing Anemo DMG.

Charge Attack

Consume a certain amount of stamina, accumulate high wind pressure, and cause AoE Anemo DMG in a short time.

Plunge Attack

Summoning the power of the wind god, the wanderer lunges from midair to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Deal AoE Anemo DMG on impact with the ground.


Faruzan is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact Mod Apk. A professor of Sumeru Akademiya and a member of Haravatat Darshan, she disappeared sometime in the past after coming into contact with the remnants of the Scarlet King's power, causing her to relive Sumeru's past.

Faruzan deploys a facet that deals an AoE Anemo DMG to nearby opponents. She will also enter the Manifest Gale state.

While in the Gale Gale state, Faruzan's next fully charged shot will consume the state and become a Hurricane Arrow containing high voltage current. This arrow is based on the fully charged Aimed Shot DMG handle Anemo DMG from "Normal Attack: Parthian Shot".

Pressure Collapse

The Hurricane Arrow will apply a pressure collapse effect to the opponent or character it hits. This effect will remove after a short delay, creating a vortex that deals an AoE Anemo DMG and pulls nearby objects and opponents in. If Hurricane Bolt doesn't hit any opponents or characters, it will pressurize and collapse at the point of its impact. The Vortex DMG is considered an Elemental Skill DMG.

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Omega Strikers Mobile Beta Information & Pre-Registration

Omega Strikers is a free 3v3 knockout game. The game's PC public beta will also end on January 1, and that testing will continue. Odyssey Interactive has announced that Android and iOS beta testing for Omega Strikers will begin in December. Odyssey Interactive is a development studio founded by the former lead developer of League of Legends Mod Apk and TFT: Teamfight Tactics Mod Apk. So how to register for the game? Please continue reading this article.

How to Pre-Register for Omega Strikers Mobile

Follow the instructions below to sign up for the Android and iOS public betas.

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1. Go to the Omega Strikers Mobile pre-registration site

2. Select iOS or Android

3. Enter the email you use with your Google Play or iOS App Store account. Click "Submit".

4. When the beta is launched, you will receive an email and an announcement will be posted on the official Omega Striker Discord channel.

Odyssey Interactive did not say when the beta will end. However, it will likely end on January 1st as developers prepare for a global launch in February.

Get popular Android mod games | PlayMods.net

Odyssey Interactive describes Omega Strikers as a competitive multiplayer game. Players can choose from many different characters, each with unique abilities. The first team to reach five goals wins, and a team must lead by two points to ensure victory. Matches can be played in a variety of arenas as well as ranked, unranked, and private lobbies.

You can play Stumble Guys Mod Apk (Mod Menu) if you can't wait to play the upcoming game. PlayMods will update this game as soon as it is launched.

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