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Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas

1.0 for Android
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Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas MOD Info
Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas_playmods.net
Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas_playmods.net
Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas_playmods.net
The description of Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa Claus has a special game for you this Christmas. Looking for endless running Christmas games where you have to show your skill of santa runner? Install Subway Christmas Runner – Christmas Games on your android and kill your boredom within minutes.

Tune into an exciting endless subway run game, avoid getting struck by a train or getting caught by the Santa Christmas and reach your destination. This impossible Santa runner game is here to let you enter a world of thrill, excitement and fun with its fast-paced Merry Christmas gaming action.

Play for as long as you like and collect all the rewards. Try this santa Xmas Run game now! Happy Christmas

Christmas Runner Gameplay
If you are looking for a endless running game that will keep you thrilled for hours, this Xmas run is your perfect choice. Install it, select your player, and get started. In this super subway train runner game, you will have to run endlessly in this Santa Christmas game. Don’t get caught on your way, either it’s a game over. Run-on endless runner tracks and swipe to change direction and swipe up down left and right to avoid getting hit in Santa world subway games. Collect coins by running and buy new tools using them. Using the coins, you can upgrade your run anytime. So, if you are a fan of subway games or santa runner, this subway endless run is here to serve.

Key features of Subway Christmas runner : Christmas Games
Easy, Exciting yet Challenging Santa Runner
Kindle your adventurous spirit by taking on the ultimate endless runner challenge. Idle run and jump obstacles endlessly, for as long as you can to meet your daily gaming goals and become a true champion. This Xmas run brings you various obstacles every moment. You will have to be focused and make quick decisions to dodge them and win in this Subway Christmas Runner game.

Do Not Miss Santa Claus collectibles
Collect coins and power-ups scattered in the subway endless run and use them to unlock new characters and worlds. You can purchase new avatars, unlock new skills and abilities or simply purchase more coins to get new props for your character. This new Christmas runner game offers an exciting range of cool characters, deadly abilities and new worlds to explore the Santa world.

Test Reflex in Subway Christmas Runner
How good is your reflexes? Can you manage to face the different obstacles scattered in the course? If yes, the new Santa world thrilling run and jump game is here to keep you entertained. Spend some quality time test reflex and make the most of your free time by playing this exceptional running and dodging game. This Subway Christmas runner free game will delight you if you like endless subway games or santa Xmus run. Merry Christmas

Awesome Happy Christmas Music
The trilling and mindful background music will keep you focused while you are running. Play our subway run game with fantastic music, soothe your ears and be the running champion. Again, if you like to play Christmas games in silence, go to the settings where turning the music off is one tap away.

Free Christmas Gift
If you are looking for subway games for free to play anytime, try this Christmas adventure game. You don’t have to spend a single penny to play this runner game. Moreover, our Christmas gift game is offline so you can play without an active internet connection.

To have great subway fun, play our runners game that features urban city locations, busses, trains and other obstacles on your way. Experience an epic run in this subway. Set a new score every time and enjoy it as long as you want. So if you are ready to have the full fun, our endless running game is the right choice.

Will you like to spend this Xmas playing games? Install Subway Christmas runner, start endless, start a santa Xmus run and be the ultimate winner

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Subway Christmas Runner - Xmas 1.0 Update
version 1.0

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Additional Information

Category: Arcade Publisher: Subway Run Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 03/06/2022

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