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Tên ứng dụng: Marhaba Nador
4.0.1 cho Android
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Marhaba Nador MOD Info
Mô tả của Marhaba Nador

The application contains contact information for stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and all that can provide services to the visitor or resident in the province of Nador.
The visitor to the province of Nador will find in this application most of the information about the city and its vital and economic centers.
It contains guard pharmacies and private (free) doctors, and information on the addresses of sight and veterinarians:
The guard pharmacy, Nador, Azghanghan, Silwan, Bani Ansar, Laroui, Drioush, Bentayeb, Midar, Haddadin, Zayo, Arkman, Farkhana
Special Specialist Doctor Nador
Nador veterinarian
sanatoriums sanatoriums nador
Various stores Nador
Nador hotels
Big small taxi Nador
Libraries and Printers
Real estate companies in Nador
Pharmacie de garde à Nador
Nador Pharmacies
big small taxi
Nador delivery orders
Delivery nador
Livraison nador
Nador news sites
Food requests
Medicines order
Taxi nador

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Marhaba Nador 4.0.1 Cập nhật
تغيير شعار التطبيق وبعض التحسينات الأخرى

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