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RT Balance MOD Info
RT Balance_playmods.net
RT Balance_playmods.net
RT Balance_playmods.net
RT Balance_playmods.net
Mô tả của RT Balance

RT Balance is an application for Rostelecom employees who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, sports and self-development.

The application allows you to take care of your physical and mental health, exercise regularly, take part in individual and team challenges, communicate with colleagues, and most importantly, live in balance.

Register, choose programs that interest you and start practicing! Only the best coaches and the most popular destinations in the app.

Useful functions of the app:
- Sports clubs and training programs
- Individual and team challenges *
- Blog about healthy lifestyle, well-being and balance
- Space for communication within each workout and challenge
- Chat to communicate with colleagues
- Leaderboards of the most active community members
- Push notifications about new events

* To participate in some challenges, you will need to provide access to the Health app for step counting.

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RT Balance 2.22.2 Cập nhật
Общие правки и улучшения

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