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Share GPS Mod Apk v0.5.9  (Unlocked)

App Name: Share GPS
0.5.9 for Android
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Share GPS MOD Info
Share GPS MOD Info MOD Info :
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The description of Share GPS Unlocked
Share GPS supports the following major activities
* Use your mobile as an external GPS for laptops/tablets that don't have GPS.
* Share and update location real-time to a remote person using Google Earth or other KML compatible program
* Save locations visited and share later with images and links with KML
* Save tracks during activities such as driving, biking, and walking and share via KML files

Share NMEA GPS sentences or act as a GPSD compatible server via the following methods:
* Bluetooth
* TCP/IP (wifi/mobile data)

Share KML files via the following methods:
* Dropbox
* Google Drive
* Local phone storage
* Provider application

Share GPS is an application for real-time location data sharing via a variety of methods. It also supports saving tracks via KML/KMZ, allowing the user to record footprints while the app is running in the background.
Share GPS supports sending standard NMEA data over Bluetooth, USB, and TCP/IP. For local connections with a program like Google Earth, your could turn your laptop into a big screen navigation device, basically using your mobile as an external GPS. If you have a VPN setup, you could also do remote sharing of location data via TCP/IP over your 3G/4G or Wifi connections. If it turns out your mobile does not support NMEA, Share GPS has a setting for creating the NMEA strings for you.

Share GPS also supports sending location data via the KML file format, compatible with Google Earth. KMZ files can be shared via SCP, Google Drive, Dropbox, Local File, or using another provider on the phone (email as an example). It supports periodic sending and location updating of the file, which would support many possibilities. Using a cloud solution with a shared folder, such as Drive or Dropbox, several users could send KMZ files periodically. Then a PC user with Google Earth could set it up to periodically read the files for real-time updating. Mobile users could also access the KMZ files as well with Google Earth or other applications. In addition to real-time location updating, Share GPS supports setting the location of the Placemark static, for the sending or saving of a specific location later on.
Share GPS also supports KMZ track files. Tracks can be started, stopped, and cleared by the user at any time. The application can also be setup to remember tracks between app runs and pick up where the user left off. Track connections can be created at any time to support the saving and sending of the track data.

The status screen indicates current data, such as the GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, and direction. In addition, related to track collection, the status screen show distance traveled, distance from start (as the crow flies, useful for range measurements), and total track time. Any of the status screen items can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the item. Units can be changed by long pressing the item and choosing from the list of options.

Share GPS contains other features as well. The app keeps a constant notification up, which can be customized to include any of the status items, allowing for viewing on the lock screen for some mobiles. The notification is also used to indicate Share GPS is running, even when in the background. In addition, the copy location to clipboard is customizable, allowing the user to have a custom string that includes the location, for example, to create a URL for a website.

Premium includes the following:
* No Ads
* Multiple connections
* Custom Notifications
* Custom Copy Location strings
* Connect on Application start

Coming Soon
* Bluetooth File transfer
* Viewer companion app for mobile
——Uploaded by the user

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Share GPS Unlocked 0.5.9 Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Tools Publisher: Network Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 07/09/2022

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