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Transcribe Speech to Text Mod Apk v1.0.9  

App Name: Transcribe Speech to Text
1.0.9 for Android
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Transcribe Speech to Text MOD Info
Transcribe Speech to Text_playmods.net
Transcribe Speech to Text_playmods.net
Transcribe Speech to Text_playmods.net
Transcribe Speech to Text_playmods.net
Transcribe Speech to Text_playmods.net
The description of Transcribe Speech to Text

TRANSKRIPTOR is one of the best productivity tools that converts speech to text online! Use automatic transcription software to transcribe speech file to text such as your interviews, meetings, and podcasts. TRANSKRIPTOR supports all file formats.

The speech-to-text app offers 90 minutes of free transcription. This means that you can test the accuracy of this voice-to-text app.

★This Dictation App Makes Life So Much Easier
★Convert mp3 and mp4 files to text
★Automatically do audio to text transcription within minutes
★Be more productive in school, work, and life
★Receive editable text files and download them within seconds
★Capture and find what you need
★Search across everything and edit your text


Online transcription software that converts voice to text very fast by using A.I.-powered technology similar to HAPPY SCRIBE. Our audio transcription app can be used in many areas from transcribing an interview to captioning online content. You only need to sign up and confirm your email address to try it for free. After you sign up you will be redirected to your account dashboard. From this page, you can start a new transcription, download your transcription files, or view previous transcription tasks.

Why Should You Use TRANSKRIPTOR?

Fast and automatic transcription: Automatic transcriptions are as accurate as those that do manual text dictation. But more importantly, it takes less time to do automatic transcription than manual transcription. Unlike other transcription services online, Transcriptor provides you with speed, accuracy and affordability at the same time

Transcribe easily: You can transcribe by just clicking the record button. If you don’t know how to dictate text or didn’t do it before, don’t worry. We have short and easy guides for many use cases that show how to transcribe interviews, how to use the subtitle generator tool or the steps of getting a podcast transcript.

Convenient speech to text: With TRANSKRIPTOR, which is one of the best transcription software, you can transcribe many file formats like mp3, mp4, wav, m4a to text. TRANSKRIPTOR can transcribe video to text for free in a few minutes. It can help you add subtitles to the video files that you have. It can even convert your voicemails to text and transcribe your favorite podcasts. You can easily convert your video and audio to text.

Affordable transcription software: TRANSKRIPTOR provides audio and video transcription at the lowest price. In addition, it offers a free trial to its users. So you can see the benefits for yourself without paying a dime. If you like the performance, you can start to convert your voice to text online at a very low cost. You will see that TRANSKRIPTOR is both more accurate and more affordable than many interview transcription software.

Accurate dictation: Powered by state of an art A.I. speech-to-text algorithm; therefore, its accuracy can reach 99% (depending on the language and audio quality). It learns speech patterns like an otter, and its accuracy improves every day. So it can yield better results than some of the best transcription services. Don’t forget that TRANSKRIPTOR is an online dictation software, so you need an internet connection to use it.

Can I transcribe for free?

Yes! You only need to sign up to receive your free credit to transcribe. You will see your remaining credit on your account page. Transcribe your audio or video files just like AMBERSCRIPT, TRINT, OTTER, SONIX or HAPPY SCRIBE!

How can I improve transcription quality?

Heavy background noise is the enemy of the best transcription. As far as possible, try indoor or in-studio recording, as noise editing is quite an arduous task. If you have background noise, firstly eliminate it. Clean your audio before transcribing your audio recording with minimal errors.

Convert audio to text

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Transcribe Speech to Text 1.0.9 Update
Bug fixes.

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Additional Information

Category: Productivity Publisher: Transkriptor Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 16/11/2022

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