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EVE Echoes (Support Chinese) Mod Apk v1.9.0  

App Name: EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)
1.9.0 for Android
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EVE Echoes (Support Chinese) MOD Info
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)_playmods.net
The description of EVE Echoes (Support Chinese)
EVE Echoes Anniversary Countdown! A grand celebration is coming to New Eden!
The conquest of the stars and beyond is heading towards new horizons as EVE Echoes celebrates its first anniversary!
Enjoy a new and improved new player tutorial and anniversary events with plenty of rewards. Experience Relic and Data Nexus sites that can be scanned and unlocked for new items. The new Citadel Ancillary Structures will give you the opportunity to build your own space fortress complex, and fight in a new arena-style game mode: Faction Wargames, where you can unleash your strategy and tactics on your opponents in team combat. Get ready for the EVE Echoes 1st Anniversary festivities!
[Going Around New Eden – Get Ready!]
Tired of the boring old tutorial system? With this update, we breathe new life into the tutorial with a remake. In the new tutorial, apart from learning and experiencing all the gameplay content the game has to offer, you can also choose to leave at any time to freely explore and go on adventures, with the ability to return to the tutorial missions whenever you wish.
[It's Party Time! Nonstop Anniversary Events]
Anniversary Tokens will be available in all regions. Capsuleers can get these tokens by exploring Nihilus Space, and they can be exchanged for various high-quality supplies in the Anniversary Stores. Say hello to all new anniversary SKINs: Sunset, Midday, and Midnight. If you are thinking about returning to the game, now's the time!
[Earn Epic Rewards with Brand New Relics and Data Sites]
With this update, capsuleers can scan and visit Relics and Data Nexus sites using special analyzers! Decrypt containers to get new equipment, including Integrated Rigs and Industry Decryptors!
[Build Your Own Space Complex: Introducing Citadel Ancillary Structures]
Players will be able to build a variety of Citadel Ancillary Structures, form their own space complex, and enjoy more exciting adventures in New Eden! The upgraded Corporation Citadel will become part of the New Eden universe permanently and cannot be simply destroyed. Players can attack the Citadel to occupy it, creating a more exciting PvP experience!
[New PvP Mode! Faction Wargames Now Available]
Brace for the new 10v10 team battle mode! New game mode, Faction Wargames, joins New Eden! Choose from various premade ships, and hone your techniques without having to worry about losing your own ship! Fight in arena-style combat to earn Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for prizes. Use your superior strategy and tactics to dominate the arena!
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EVE Echoes (Support Chinese) 1.9.0 Update
1. Updated estimated prices according to current market transaction records.
2. Fixed an issue where there was a very small probability that a player that disconnected in the middle of a battle would not appear in the killmail.
3. Fixed an issue where in certain rare instances a pirate NPC in an anomaly would be flying one of the four empire faction ships.

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Category: Role Playing Publisher: NetEase Games Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: 04/08/2021

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