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Hero's Path Mod Apk v0.6.8  

App Name: Hero's Path
0.6.8 for Android
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Hero's Path MOD Info
Hero's Path_playmods.net
Hero's Path_playmods.net
Hero's Path_playmods.net
Hero's Path_playmods.net
Hero's Path_playmods.net
The description of Hero's Path
The shadow of the abyss dragon looms over Yrel. Every 500 years the dragon is born out of chaos, and life on the continent would endure a catastrophic slaughter.
Lives that are lost in such an event becomes the best sacrifice and gives birth to new dragons.
Four major factions of the mainland balance each other, but when the dragon comes, they will unite against this horrific threat that is soaring through the skies; This union is called the Rule League, only they possess the power to destroy the dragons
They will fulfill their duty and defend the order of the continent.
You were born into this world as the savior chosen by the Book of Prophecy. It is your destiny to recruit the heroes of the continent and lead them into battle to assist the Rule League
Repel the dragons of the abyss and bring salvation to this world

【Game Features】
[Combat experience with a high degree of freedom , unique control]
Real-time combat designed with an unprecedented high degree of freedom, dodge enemy attacks and abilities and control the range and timing of your own skills.
Use the timing of the abilities to your advantage, release powerful spells with your fingertips to quickly dispatch your enemies!

[A wild mix of European and American esthetics, an ultimate audio-visual experience]
Each hero has a great personality and their own conflicts, rich faction and grand world settings that immerse you into this world even on your phone.
Magical mythological world

[AFK mechanics, massive rewards, original treasure sharing system]
Even if you are not online, you can still get AFK rewards, massive benefits that make your team grow quickly, play at your own pace and don't waste any time; It also adopts the design of sharing treasures
No more headaches with building exclusive equipment for each hero!

[Random trial gameplay, that has its surprises at each stage]
Ruler Trial gameplay with rogue-like elements, full of rewards for easy progress and unpredictable surprises at every level!

[Lots of heroes and tons of strategies]
Each hero is unique, with heroes from six factions and lots of skills, the game is supporting thousands of strategies, allowing you to create your own genre of combat!
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Hero's Path 0.6.8 Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Role Playing Publisher: xiaojiao zhang Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 25/11/2022

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