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Idle Angels for Android
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Idle Angels MOD Info
Idle Angels_playmods.net
Idle Angels_playmods.net
Idle Angels_playmods.net
Idle Angels_playmods.net
Idle Angels_playmods.net
The description of Idle Angels
Fantastic Idle Strategy RPG game! Collect and upgrade your angels, battle with your friends!
1、Idle System
Your angels will fight automatically even if you’re not online. In this way, you can get massive equipment and gems easily.
2、Battle Strategy
Choose the right angel, match the right skills and select the right equipment.
Paly now and use your wisdom to build your "Invincible Fleet"!
Enjoy the game with simple operation!
3、Tons of gameplay
Idle mode, fighting system, adventure tasks and Angel collecting, training and awakening!
Also, there are encounters, arena and guilds!
Believe me that you will not be bored here!
Do you want a shield brother in the face of dark claws?
Would you like to raise a glass to your old friend after the victory of the battle?
Wear my clothes, let's kill the enemy together!
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Idle Angels Update
1. New Gameplay: Conqueror of Legends
2. New System: Gear Ascend

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Additional Information

Category: Role Playing Publisher: WHWL Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: 14/12/2021

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