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Poseit Mod Apk v2.1.0  (Unlocked)

App Name: Poseit
2.1.0 for Android
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Poseit MOD Info
Poseit MOD Info MOD Info :
PRO features unlocked
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The description of Poseit Unlocked
I like to think about this app as a natural evolution of the traditional drawing mannequin, I designed it to have minimal details and just some hints of anatomy, so it generalize well with any kind of character I want to draw. The screen space rotation method and others automatic features make your posing process faster and dynamic. After the latest updates it even supports Inverse Kinematic functions, has the female mannequin and props gallery.
Pose it and view it just the way you need it to strengthen and improve your human figure drawing skills.
Pose it was born as my personal tool to help me drawing the most challenging poses, during the lockdown I had to spend my vacations at home and I gave myself the challenge to polish it and publish it (yes it is my very first app). I hope it now can serve others as good as it served me :)
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Category: Art & Design Publisher: 1manband Requirements: Android 4.4+ Publish Date: 23/11/2022

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