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Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)

1.1.8 for Android
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Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked) MOD Info
Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked) MOD Info MOD Info :
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Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)_playmods.net
Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)_playmods.net
Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)_playmods.net
Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)_playmods.net
Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)_playmods.net
The description of Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked)
This game contains strong language, sarcasm, bad humor and childish jokes.
Please check out the content and age rating, because this game is not for children, moralists, or Karens!
Game description:
The nefarious Dentures sect was finally defeated, and good triumphed over evil in Varedze City.
Detective Junior Peexelated is now sergeant, and everyone in town is safe.
This would sound like a good ending for a story, right? I'm afraid to tell you that it's just the beginning.
Something terrible is happening and it will take an unlikely hero to stop it. The phone rings in the middle of the night and suddenly you are called to save the city, the world and possibly even more...
Yeah, "Weird things happen in Varedze...", as always, but not as weird as what is happening in your city.

Come on, why are you still reading this stuff? Hit download and enjoy the adventure!
(Shall I say that since this is a sequel, you should start playing from the first Dentures and Demons?)
This is not just a sequel. I wanted to create a deeper experience, something unique, just for you.
Game info:
- Graphic adventure spiced up with puzzles and arcade moments
- A lot of different scenarios
- A map to move across the city
- Many puzzles and meta-puzzles (You'll think there must be a bug, but you just need to think out of the box!)
- A new, larger inventory, to store and combine many objects ...so many objects!
- 50 Hidden achievements
- A lot of Easter eggs
- Secret scenes and multiple endings based on your choices and on weird interactions
- Scenes rich in characters, dialogue and interactions, enjoyable by the point-and-click fans
- Story mode for more than 4 hours of fun (Did I mention that this is a free game?)
- Sick of walking slowly in story games? Now you can run!
- Customize your character with his/her name, appearance and ...a favorite curse word!
- You're gonna have chills, you're gonna laugh, you're gonna be mad and maybe you'll even shed a tear

In-app purchase:
This game is free, but you can purchase the extra contents to support my work.
By purchasing the extra contents you will get:

- Ads removal
- A lot of additional skins for your character
- An additional chapter playing with Junior, Tony, Tommy and Timmy
- A shooter mini-game in the Paintball Saloon
- The opportunity to contribute to the next Sui Arts adventure game ♥
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Dentures and Demons 2(Unlocked) 1.1.8 Update
Bug Fixes

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Additional Information

Category: Adventure Publisher: Sui Arts Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 09/08/2022

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